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CES Management Apprenticeship Program (MAP)

The MAP is a two-year, government-wide, residential/ on-the-job, and multi-modal leadership and managerial capability development program which prepares qualified third level eligibles for entry into the CES.

It incorporates the development, installation, implementation and monitoring of standardized in-service immersion/ attachment modules in partnership with various government agencies, clustered into sectors.

These modules, which candidates are required to undergo, include the: MAP Foundation Course Series (MAP-FCS); Continuing Professional Education Program (MAP-CPEP); corporate policy making and strategic planning activities;

international study visits, exchange programs, conferences, symposia and other overseas professional development activities; fixed-term cross-sectoral postings in the government sector; and the formulation of the MAP Terminal Report.

Completion credits earned shall be considered in partial fulfillment of pre-requisite requirements for third level eligibles to qualify for recommendation/ endorsement by the Board for initial appointment to the appropriate CES rank.

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