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The Career Executive Service GAWAD CES

GAWAD CES is a Presidential award that recognizes members in the Career Executive Service (CES) for exemplary performance and significant contributions, particularly in the areas of innovation, information and communication technology, social services, administrative reforms and public policy.

It was established by virtue of Executive Order No. 715 signed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on March 28, 2008. EO 715 effectively upgraded the former recognition program in the CES, the Search for Outstanding CEO.

It aims to inspire members of the CES community to live up to the ideals in the CES, that is to bring to the entire bureaucracy change where it is needed, expertise where it is missing, and leadership where it is wanting. It recognizes exceptional accomplishments to encourage consistent performance and to promote excellence in the CES community.

Who can be nominated for the GAWAD CES? 

GAWAD CES is open to all Career Executive Service Officers (CESOs) and Third-Level Eligibles (CEOE/CSEE/CESE) occupying positions requiring performance of executive, leadership and/or managerial functions.  The nominee must have at least Very Satisfactory Performance or its equivalent for the last two (2) consecutive annual rating periods prior to his/her nomination.

In addition, he/she should have never been found guilty of any, or have any pending case for administrative or criminal offense involving moral turpitude, or conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty, or good morals i.e. graft and corruption, murder, rape, sexual harassment, embezzlement, forgery, extortion, perjury, and has no pending administrative or criminal case at the time of nomination.

Who can nominate?

Nominators for the GAWAD CES may be any of the following persons/organizations:

  • Government agencies, national and regional associations of career executive officers and non-government/civil society organizations, through their Heads of Offices or Chief Executive Officers; and
  • Nominee’s superior/subordinate or any individual from the nominee’s agency who has substantial knowledge of the nominee’s leadership/ managerial attributes and accomplishments.

How can one nominate?

A nominator can write to the CESB to nominate a qualified official, attaching the accomplished nomination form (downloadable at www.cesboard.gov.ph). A copy of the Curriculum Vitae of the nominee should also be submitted before the published deadline.

Only candidates nominated in writing shall be considered. Self nominations are not accepted. There is no limit to the number of candidates to be nominated by a nominating organization/agency.

Agencies are encouraged to adopt their own selection/nomination system. However, nominations not subjected to the agency selection system shall still be accepted by the CESB, if it meets the criteria set forth in the Guidelines.

How is the validation done?

The validation period begins with a publication of the names of the finalists in a major newspaper (in major dailies) asking for public feedback regarding the competence and integrity of the finalists. After two weeks of collecting general public feedback, a team of trained validators will conduct a weeklong on-location evaluation to gather information that will include document review, one-on-one interviews with relevant and reliable sources of information, including clientele beneficiaries.

Can a nominee/finalist be disqualified during the selection period?

A nominee/finalist may be disqualified if, on or before the final deliberations of the Committee on Awards, he/she resigns from the service or is convicted of any administrative or criminal offense involving moral turpitude or conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty, or good morals or is made a respondent in a pending administrative or criminal case on or before final deliberations by the Committee on Awards.

A nominee/finalist may also be disqualified if it is found that there is misrepresentation or falsification of information stated in the nomination form or in any of the supporting documents submitted.

How will winners be selected? 

The selection of winners shall have three levels. The first or pre-screening level shall be done by the CESB Management Committee to ensure adherence to criteria and completion of documents. The second level shall be done by a group of previous years’ winners of the GAWAD CES who will short-list from among the nominees the finalists for in-depth validation. The third and final level shall be done by the Committee on Awards (COA) which will select the winners for the year’s GAWAD CES from among the validated finalists.

The COA is a nine-person committee composed of five private-sector representatives who are considered luminaries in their field, a NUCESO representative and three CES Board members.

What is at stake?

A GAWAD CES winner shall receive a plaque with the Presidential Seal, a statuette and prize money amounting to PhP100,000.00.

When are the GAWAD CES winners recognized?

Recognition of the Awardee/s shall be led by the President in a formal award presentation ceremony at the Malacanan Palace.

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