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The Career Executive Service Performance Evaluation System
The Career Executive Service Performance Evaluation System (CESPES)

The Board through CESB Resolution No. 1136 dated 10 February 23, 2014, as amended by CESB Resolution No. 1370-A, promulgated the rules, guidelines and procedure on the CESPES to facilitate the appreciation of and allow for the smooth implementation of new CESPES instrument.  The new instrument is designed to achieve full alignment with the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) and with the six (6) CES Core Competencies.

In compliance with Executive Order No. 80, Directing the Adoption of Performance-Based Incentive System for Government Employees issued by the President on 20th July 2012, CESB aligned the CESPES with the SPMS. EO 80 distinguished the SPMS as the existing performance monitoring and system that links individual performance to organizational performance.  The Enhanced CESPES instrument requires CES Officials to articulate the Organization’s strategic objectives to which their performance/accomplishments are aligned, and provides mechanisms to show the cascading of these objectives into measureable individual objectives and accomplishments, through the following Performance Commitment and Review Components:

  • Organizational Strategic Objectives – are broad statements of goals of the organization achievable in the medium term (3-5 years) in order to achieve its mission and vision.
  • Office Performance Objectives – enumerates the specific area/s of performance that is/are critical in accomplishing the strategic objective/s of the organization. Performance objectives describe the minimum performance expectations of target for a “satisfactory” performance. It includes outputs/outcome/s that the organizational unit consistently monitors and measures in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, quantity or quality. Each Office Performance Objective may contain one or more Organizational Strategic Objectives.
  • Performance Outcomes - enumerates the critical results achieved per performance objective. The Superior Rater may be provided with an accomplishment report as a reference document in checking the box whether “achieved, partly achieved and not achieved.”
  • Ratee’s Performance Commitment/s – refers to the Ratee’s strategy or plan of action that he/she personally commits in order to contribute to the performance objectives. It may include initiatives, efforts, roles or other forms of commitment which the Ratee wish to accomplish to ensure the attainment of the objectives of the organization/unit that he/she handles.
  • Ratee’s Performance Results - relates to a brief description of the activities and strategies and the roles played in order to achieve the targets.

To further align the CESPES with the SPMS, the CESPES shifted from an annual performance evaluation to a semestral performance evaluation in 2017.

The new CESPES instruments aligned its managerial/executive competence component with the six (6) Core Competencies, as follows:

  • Strategic and Critical Thinking.- The ability to obtain information and identify key issues and relationships relevant to achieving a long-range goal or vision; to commit a course of action to accomplish a long-range goal or vision after developing alternatives based on logical assumptions, facts, available resources, constraints, and organizational values.
  • Leading in a Continuously Changing Environment - The ability to encourage others to seek opportunities for different and innovative approaches in addressing problems and opportunities, and to facilitate the implementation and acceptance of change within the organization.
  • Empowering/Developing Others to Establish Collective Accountability for Results - The ability to develop and promote effective relationships with colleagues and team members and to deal constructively with conflicts. The ability to develop subordinates’ skills and competencies by planning effective development activities related to current and future jobs.
  • Linkaging and Networking for Productive Partnerships - The ability to develop and strengthen partnerships that can provide information, assistance and support to the organization; to identify and use synergies across the organization with external partners.
  • Planning/Organizing for Greater Impact - The ability to establish a course of action for self and/or others to accomplish a specific goal; to plan proper assignments of personnel and appropriate allocation of time and other resources.
  • Driving Performance for Integrity and Service - The ability to produce and deliver quality results, to be action-oriented and committed to the achievement of the outcomes.

It is being implemented through a web application Online CESPES  linked to the CESB website.

About the CESPES

  1. What is CESPES?

    The Career Executive Service Performance Evaluation System or CESPES is the official performance evaluation system for members of the Career Executive Service (CES). It serves as the basis for personnel actions, including original and promotional appointment to CES ranks, salary adjustments, grant of merit-based incentives such as the Performance Based Bonus (PBB) and conferment of awards like the annual GAWAD CES program, quarterly CES VIP and Outstanding CEO awards, and career planning and development. 

  2. Who are covered by the CESPES?

    The CESPES covers: (a) officials who are appointed to CES positions, whether Career Executive Service Officers (CESOs) Career Executive Service Eligibles (CESEs), Career Service Executive Eligibles (CSEEs) or non-CES eligibles; and (b) those designated in acting or officer-in-charge capacity of a CES position  for an uninterrupted period of at least three (3) months.  

  3. How is performance evaluated in CESPES?

    Each CES official is evaluated based on two (2) major components: (a) Accomplishment (through their Performance Commitment) and (b) Executive/Managerial Competence (through the Behavioral Competency Scale), with corresponding weight allocations of 80% and 20%, respectively.

  4. How is CESPES conducted?

    The Online CESPES is implemented simultaneously in all departments/agencies covered by the CES in accordance with the schedule prepared by the CESB.  It is conducted twice a year covering the performance of the preceding semester. The first semester performance covering the January – June rating period shall be rated from 1 July to 31 August. Meanwhile, the second semester performance covering the July to December rating period shall be rated from1January to 28  February of the following year.

  5. What are the repercussions of delayed and/or incomplete submission of CESPES?

    An official without a CESPES rating shall not be eligible for original or promotional appointment to CES ranks. He/she may not qualify for the grant of merit-based incentives/benefits or for nomination to awards and other forms of recognition, including the annual Gawad CES Program and the quarterly CES VIP and Outstanding CEO awards. 

About the Online CESPES

  1. Why the shift from manual to Online CESPES?

    The administration of semestral performance evaluation of CES officials through an online interface will make the performance evaluation more systematic, efficient and transparent. Because processes and methods are simplified and more accessible, Online CESPES allows access to data from different places. Performance appraisal can be done at a specified time, eliminating age-old problems associated with a paper system such as tracking down people and missing signatures. 

  2. I am a user of the previous version of the CESPES on-line system. Do I need to register in the new version?

    No. You may log-in directly to the CESPES Online Log-in Page.  However, you must be added as a Rater or a Ratee-Official by your CESPES Coordinator to perform any further action, such as writing your performance contract or rate a ratee-official.

  3. I am a new user. How can I use the 2017 Online System?

    Your Agency CESPES Coordinator should add you as a Ratee-Official, a Superior Rater or a Subordinate Rater.  Once added, you will receive an email notifying you that you are identified as a CESPES User and providing you with a link to the CESPES Registration page.

  4. I am a newly designated CESPES coordinator by my office. How can I have access to the  Online CESPES?

    Your head of office should endorse you in writing to be included as CESPES Coordinator.  The endorsement should clearly state your full name, position and email address.

    Once added in the system, you will receive an email informing you that you have been designated as a CESPES Coordinator and requesting you to register or log-in to the Online CESPES.

  5. How can I check the status of my Performance Contract and Review Form?

    You may view the status of your PCRF in My Account Page, the page you see upon logging in to the website. There is a dropdown menu to choose the rating period you want to access. After selecting the rating period, the page will display a table titled PCRF. The first column of this table shows the name of your superior rater. The second column shows the status of your PCRF, which may be any of the following: New, Submitted or Approved.

  6. How is Performance Planning done using the CESPES Online?

    Performance Planning is done in the PCRF Page.  You will be directed to this page once you click the “Create” button in the PCRF Table displayed in My Account Page.  The Create button is in the third column opposite the name of your Superior Rater.

    In the PCRF page, you will see three dialogue boxes where you may encode the items of your performance commitment namely: a) Organizational Strategic Objectives, b) Office Performance Objectives, and c) Ratee’s Performance Commitment.

    There are two ways in which you may write and submit your performance commitment.  One way is by uploading a document not exceeding 1Mb in Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF format. Another way is by writing directly on the boxes provided for the purpose. You need to fill these boxes before clicking the “Send for Approval” button.

    If you opt to upload a file, you must fill-out the boxes with the statement “See Attached File”.

  7. How is Performance Monitoring done using the CESPES Online?

    Once you have submitted your performance commitment, your Superior will see this submission in the List of Persons To Be Rated Table at the My Account Page. Your superior must click the “View” button to be redirected to your PCRF page. 

    If your superior has comment/s or disagreements on your commitment, she/he may write this down in the comment box.  You may respond to the comment/s of your superior in the same dialogue box.

  8. How is Performance Review done using the CESPES Online

    Completion of the PCRF

    Once you have submitted your performance commitment, the status of your PCRF will change from “New” to “Submitted” and the required action will change from “Create” to “View Result”.

    Upon returning to your PCRF page, the box for Performance Result will now show and you may now encode your performance result. You may also upload a file containing your performance commitment and results achieved.  You must fill the boxes with “See Attached File” to be able to submit your uploaded PCR.

    The changes/updates you made in your PCRF will be viewed by your superior.  Your superior may comment on the performance result you have written.  If all issues/comment are settled, your Superior Rater must approve the submitted PCRF.

    Please note that you can no longer edit/modify your PCRF once it has been approved by your Superior.

    Completion of the Superior Rating

    Once your PCRF has been approved, the required action of your PCRF in your superior’s My Account Page will change from “View” to “Rate”. Your Superior Rater must click the “Rate” button to be redirected to your PCRF Rating Page and proceed with the rating.

  9. I am a subordinate. How can I rate my superior?

    You will receive a notification once your name has been added in the Ratee Information Sheet asking you to log-in or register if you are a new user. 

    Once logged-in, you will be directed to the My Account Page.  In this page, you will see a dropdown menu where you may select the rating period you need to access.

    In the List of Persons to be Rated Table, you will see the name of your superior and the “Rate” button opposite it.  Click this button to be directed to the Subordinate Rating Form page.      

    You may choose your rating from the scale which will be displayed upon clicking “Click Here to Rate” Button opposite each statement. When completed, click the “Next” button to proceed to the next Competency Cluster. 

    Click the “Finish” button at the last page of the Subordinate Rating Form.   A notice will pop up stating that the evaluation has been completed. 

  10. What if I do not receive an email notification as a ratee-official or I do not see any information in My Account Page?

    There are two possible reasons why this happens: one possible reason is that your RIS is not yet encoded by your Agency CESPES Coordinator.  Another reason is that the email address encoded in your RIS is not the same as the account you are opening.  Check with your Agency CESPES Coordinator if any of the above instances happen in your case.  If none, please call the PMAD of the CESB at 951 4981 local 110 and 111 for further assistance.

  11. What if I do not see the name of the superior/subordinate I will rate?

    There are three possible reasons why this happens: (a) the RIS of your superior is not yet encoded in the system; (b) you were not added as a rater; and (c).there was an error in encoding your e-mail address. 

    You may check with your Agency CESPES Coordinator if any of the above instances happen in your case.  If none, please call the PMAD of the CESB at 951 4981 local 110 and 111 for further assistance.     

  12. I have successfully uploaded my PCR but cannot submit it.  Why is this so? 

     You are not allowed to submit your PCRF if any of the boxes are left empty.  After you have uploaded the file, make sure that you type “See Attached File” in the boxes before submitting your PCRF.

  13. Can the Ratee-Official/Rater view the PCR? 

    Yes. You and your Superior Rater may view your PCR in the PCRF page for as long as it is not yet approved by your Superior Rater.

  14. Can my superior reject my PCR? 

    No.  If your superior has issue/s in your PCR, she/he should discuss it with you. Your superior may do it by writing them down in the comment box.

  15. What will I do if my account has been locked?

    Online CESPES Administrators are authorized to unlock your account, reset your password and provide you with a temporary password.  Please call the PMAD at 951 4981 local 110 and 111 for assistance.

About CESB Online Systems

  1. There are a lot of times when the CESB website was inaccessible to users. What are your measures to ensure the reliability of your server? 

    The CESB is constantly adopting measures to improve its IT-dependent services by acquiring additional servers to be more reliable and efficient for its Online System processes. More often, however, problems in accessing the CESB website are caused by poor internet connection. Internet connection strength and speed depend on the bandwidth capacity of the service provider.

    Please check your internet connection if you find it difficult to access our website. If there is no problem with your connectivity, please call us at 9514981 local 110 or 111 so we can address the problem at our end.

  2. How do you ensure that the Online CESPES performs well despite internet congestion? 

    Internet connection most likely gets slower than usual during deadlines because of congestion due to the large volume of users accessing the system at the same time. We encourage users to accomplish their Online CESPES on the scheduled dates provided to their respective agencies and avoid working on it at the last minute/deadline. 

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