CESB Accredited Training Programs

To expand the range and scope of CES learning initiatives and to provide executives with a continuing stream of dynamic, diverse and quality executive development programs, the CESB has partnered with successful and industry-leading training and development institutions in the development of education and training programs focused on specific leadership and managerial competency areas.

Seminar-Workshop on Communicating Change through Media
(Provider: Blas F. Ople Policy Center and Training Institute)

This two (2)-day seminar-workshop equips executives with the knowledge and skills needed to communicate using media in a fast-paced and evolving environment.

As advocates and implementors of government policies, programs and services, CES executives play vital roles in promoting messages of positive change and good governance which demand that they be adept in public diplomacy and skillful in the art of public communication in order to build networks of support within and beyond traditional constituencies.

The seminar introduces concepts, tools and best practice models in the “on-line marketing” of government programs and services. It makes heavy use of the case study method, particularly focusing on the Commission on Election’s Information Campaign on the Automated Electoral System, and “hands-on” writing workshops.

Participants will be taught how to formulate a communications plan. The BFO Center taps media and public relations practitioners to ensure that all discussions are aligned with current practices and realities on the ground.

Workshop on the Seven (7) Habits Applications for Managers
(Provider: Center for Leadership and Change, Inc.)

This two (2)-day workshop is designed to help CES executives enhance desired behaviors learned in SALAMIN, DIWA and GABAY sessions. It offers an intensive “hands-on experience” which aims to build a strong cadre of leaders capable of leading with character and competence.

Leader-managers learn how to define and give meaning to their contributions, develop greater and wider influence, discover and leverage hidden resources, give constructive feedback, and how to unleash and optimize the full potential of teams against critical priorities.

The Power Principle Workshop
(Provider: Center for Leadership and Change, Inc.)

This workshop helps executives develop desired competencies for leading in a continuously changing environment and for establishing linkages and networks for productive partnerships. It introduces a new paradigm of power - Principle-Centered Power, the ability to positively influence the behavior of others, in contrast to control, coercion, change or manipulation.

It enables executives to recognize and overcome powerlessness, discover sources of and create legitimate power, and to influence with honor.

Workshop on Leadership: Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results
(Provider: Center for Leadership and Change, Inc.

This provides executives with the mindset, purpose and practical tools to align and execute CES core competencies.

It equips and encourages leaders to discover and nurture their abilities and the means how to inspire trust and confidence, build credibility with people, define a clear and compelling purpose, create and align systems for success, unleash the talents and energy of a winning team, and align the four essential systems of execution, core work processes and customer feedback.

Workshop on Change Leadership
(Provider: Human Resource Innovations and Solutions, Inc.)

This two (2)-day course is a provocative and challenging experience which motivates executives to explore, manage and to channel the constant stream of changes in today’s complex world.

It offers new, compelling and enlightening research findings on the state, environment, trends and potential future scenarios in organizational dynamics. It also features hands-on exposure to a range of practical change leadership tools and practices.

At the end of this two-day program, the executives will be able to:
1. Distinguish between change and personal transition;
2. Articulate the transition process/ stages and a change leadership framework;
3. Understand resistance to change and manage this dynamic;
4. Handle changes constructively in their own units: become change agents, and;
5. Practice on change leadership tools.

Workshop on Managerial Leadership
(Provider: Human Resource Innovations and Solutions, Inc.)

This workshop goes beyond the basic approaches and elements of planning, organizing and leadership to achieve results, by highlighting well-selected and meaningful experiential insights to illustrate the core, underlying principles and exemplary models of fundamental managerial practices.

Grounded on actual cases, the latest research studies, and on proven best practices, executives will gain a wider, more mature and practical perspective of key leadership and managerial tasks, responsibilities and challenges.

At the end of this two-day program, the executives will be able to:
1. Differentiate between management and leadership;
2. Acknowledge the key role of managerial leadership in achieving results;
3. Practice the key management skills of planning, organizing and control, and;
4. Practice the leadership skills of staffing, coaching , conflict resolution and team building.

Workshop on Performance and Results Management
(Provider: Human Resource Innovations and Solutions, Inc.)

This is a course which provides executives the opportunity to master the skills of managing employee, team and organizational performance focusing on goal-setting, evaluation, monitoring and improvement coaching to lay the groundwork for a results-focused work culture.

This program covers the skill areas of crafting behavioral goals, selecting predictive metrics of performance, and of motivating people to produce consistent results.

Learning will be stimulated through a combination of research-based lectures, role playing, management simulations and film clips. At the end of this two-day program, executives will be able to:

1. Articulate a systematic Performance Management Process and its key elements;
2. Identify core goals and metrics including lead and lag metrics;
3. Define a balanced scorecard for their units;
4. Analyze people performance and recommend changes from a systemic performance
Framework, and;
5. Practice coaching and handling performance cases.

Workshop on Strategic and Critical Thinking
(Provider: Human Resource Innovations and Solutions, Inc.)

This course provides a comprehensive overview of vital competency sets in strategic thinking which include systems thinking, critical reasoning and creativity.

Building on an interactive and engaging mix of presentations, role-playing and management simulation exercises, executives articulate, harness and share insights, skills and proposals on why and how they may improve their grasp and practice of strategy formulation and strategic learning.

At the end of this two-day program, the participants will be able to:

1. Understand strategic thinking, its key characteristics and its importance of leadership;
2. Appreciate the fundamentals of and latest thinking on strategic planning and Management, and;
3. Understand the key success factors of strategic execution.

The New Leadership Style for the 21st Century (Provider: Human Resource Innovations and Solutions, Inc.) Peter Drucker predicted that the leader of the future is one who asks, while the leader of the past is one who tells.

This course seeks to present the secrets to becoming a successful leader of the 21st century. Focused on enhancing self-mastery and emotional intelligence, executives get to explore and practice approaches and techniques in coaching, conflict management and handling difficult employees.

At the end of this three-day program, the participants will be able to:

1. Deepen their appreciation of self-mastery as a foundation for becoming inspiring leaders;

2. Strengthen their execution capabilities and contribute to the creation of a high performance culture, and;

3. Lead the transformation and change processes in their respective areas of influence using emotional intelligence and change management tools.

Policy Appreciation Course for Managers
(Provider: Development Academy of the Philippines)

This three-day course equips senior CESOs with the requisite concepts, tools, and skills to be effective producers and consumers of policy analysis. It guides executives and their principals not only why and how to make informed policy choices, but also how and the attendant conditions to implement these choices in the public interest.

Specifically, it deepens awareness of the value of policy analysis and of the role policy plays in shaping the activities of government, understanding of the theoretical underpinnings and components of policy analysis, familiarity with the range of policy tools and techniques, as well as the process that must be followed and the conditions that must be met to ensure the quality and feasibility of policy outcome.

It enables executives to gain familiarity with the policy making process as it applies in practical situations; the sources of policy-related methodologies and data; realize or situate their roles as CES executives in the entire policy process; and to reflect together on the role each institution can play in sound policy making.

Workshop for Exploring the Self
(Provider: Carl Jung–Philippines, Inc.)

Using lectures, small-group discussions, and aided with instrumentation and active imagination exercises, the workshop guides executives through a journey of the "self", in the process gaining an understanding of themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, their "crises" and "wounds".

It enables them to appreciate the dynamics of relationships, achieve work-life balance, and ultimately, embrace the complexities of life.