It’s “All About U”, the 2017 CES Executive Leadership and Work-Life Balance Camp, unveils in Davao and Siquijor this summer!

1420 March 2017

This summer 2017, the Career Executive Service Board presents its annual CES Executive Leadership and Work-Life Balance Camp offering dubbed “All About U: Unplug, Uncover, Unleash!”

Public leader-managers are expected to be implementers and jugglers of gargantuan tasks. Their day is not without tight deadlines to be met, hard decisions to be made and sensitive situations to be managed. It may seem like they always have it all together under control but just like any other human being, their mortal body has its limits. The hardworking executive also needs to step back for a break, to reassess and gain fresh perspective.

The wellness camp takes the busy executive out of the usual everyday grind to unplug and relax, to uncover and explore new ideas and experiences, and ultimately, unleash a revitalized self. This refreshed spirit lends to more creative ideas and a healthier, holistic giving of self and service to others.

Register for the 2017 CES Executive Leadership and Work-Life Balance Camp now! There are two venues and dates to choose from. Head to the country’s “Fruit Basket and Eco-Adventure Capital, Davao City, for April 25-28, 2017 or to the “Isla del Fuego,” the third smallest province island of the Philippines, Siquijor on May 2-5, 2017.

The CESB confers twenty-four hours (24) hours of training credits to those who complete a session of the CES Executive Leadership, Wellness and Work-Life Balance camp. Registration Fee is Twelve Thousand Pesos (Php 12,000.00).

For further inquiries, please email CESB’s Professional Development Division (PDD) at or call at telephone numbers: (02) 951-4981 locals 108, 113,127; 366-1979.