Career Executive Service Board


CES executives are treated to a variety of interventions designed to promote effective networking and better camaraderie that is seen to have a positive effect on government programs.

It is in this vein that the NUCESO or National Union of Career Executive Service Officers, Inc., which is a merger of two (2) CES organizations, namely the NCCESO and the ELP Alumni Association, was created to spearhead the implementation of programs that protect and enhance the competencies of the CESOs as public managers, and promote a strong and united body of career executive officers committed to effect substantial change and development in the government.

The NUCESO aims to:

1. Keep alive and dynamic the ideals and purposes of the CES;

2. Enhance the competencies of CESOs as public managers and leaders and encourage them to advocate programs for their agencies and communities in the pursuit of CES objectives;

3. To promote and strengthen camaraderie between and among the career executive officers in government;

4. To extend assistance to individual CESOs in the recognition and protection of their rights as career executives;

5. To provide a forum for discussion of issues and solutions concerning national interests;

6. To implement projects that will contribute to the attainment of government’s goals; and,

7. It shall not engage in any government unionism activities.