Career Executive Service Board

Thrust for Programs / Projects

The Career Executive Service Board (CESB, with its major function to form a continuing pool of well-selected and development-oriented career administrators who shall provide competent and faithful service, seeks to greatly contribute in the good governance and anti-corruption program of the current administration. By promulgating the appropriate rules, standards and procedures on the selection, classification, compensation and career development of members of the CESB, it seeks the promotion of transparency, accountability, participatory governance, and strengthening of public institutions. Furthermore, as it screens worthy and competent public officials, it aims to regain the trust and confidence of the public in government.

1. Providing the government particularly the Career Executive Service (CES) with well-selected and development-oriented career managers who shall provide competent and faithful service through the following:

a. Increasing the CES occupancy rate of CESOs and CES Eligibles;

b. Improving the qualification standards in recruitment and selection of officials in CES positions; and

c. Providing placement and marketing support services to CESOs and CES Eligibles

2. Helping raise the level of managerial competence in the CES by:

a. Ensuring a consistent high level of performance among CES officials through an improved performance management system; and

b. Providing support by enhancing the managerial skills of CES officials.

3. Developing a deeper sense of commitment, honesty, and integrity among CES officials by:

a. Promoting a culture of excellent and dedicated service through human resource development interventions; and

b. Providing CES officials with career development activities from entry to retirement.

4. Enhancing the delivery of service through Information Technology:

a. Monitoring of CES Positions and Occupancy in the bureaucracy;

b. Monitoring of CES Officials Personal Records;

c. Institutionalizing efficiency in the results of the annual performance evaluation for the 3rd level executives;

d. Managing of CES Ranks and enhancing tracking of document submitted;

e. Institutionalizing the organized recording of CES Officials attendance to various training programs;

f. Archiving of digitized 201 records; and

g. Automating the conduct of CES Written Examination (WE);

5. Creating Web Services that shall be accessible through internet;

6. Improving administration support and finance through automated systems; and

7. Enhancing other support to operation systems.

a. Ensuring an updated CES Coordinators Masterfile; and

b. Archiving and digitization of CESB resolutions, policies and circulars.

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