Career Executive Service Board


Generally, the CESB promulgates the rules, standards and procedures on the selection, classification, compensation, and career development of Career Executive Service Officers (CESOs).

Specifically, the CESB’s functions may be stated through an enumeration of the functions of its five (5) operating Divisions, to wit:

1. Examination, Rank and Appointment Division (ERAD). This Division coordinates all activities such as the grant of CES eligibility to deserving officials who passed the four-stage CES eligibility examination process, appointment of CES ranks by the President or CES Eligibles who are assigned to CES positions, establishment of appropriate guidelines on CES compensation and the grant of other compensation package and benefits to Career Executive Service Officers (CESOs).

2. Professional Development Division (PDD). PDD coordinates all activities relating to the conduct and design of training programs, as well as, providing a comprehensive human resource development program for all CESOs and CES Eligibles from the time of entry to exit in the CES.

3. Performance Management and Assistance Division (PMAD). This Division coordinates all activities relating to the objective and systematic performance appraisal of officials in the CES, including, the implementation of a system that provides rewards and sanctions to non-performing CES officials and coordinates all activities relating to the official CES monthly publication which is the “Public Manager”; the CESB annual report; birthday cards and other greeting cards for CES officials; the conduct of the “CES Club”, which is a quarterly fellowship of CES officials; provides support to the National Council of CES officials; maintains linkages with the media; and, provides support to other operating divisions regarding printing and reproduction requirements. Under this service is also a Placement Unit, which handles the marketing and placement of CESOs and CES Eligibles to higher CES positions.

4. Policy, Planning and Legal Division (PPLD). The PPLD is responsible for the continuing review and improvement of the existing policies concerning the CES, it also conducts a study on personnel management concerns involving the CES and spearheads the drafting and review of the existing plans and programs of the Board and manages the operations of the Management Information Systems (MIS) Unit. It also provides other external relations activities such as the regular monitoring of bills filed in Congress, including important developments affecting the CES;

5. Financial and Administrative Division (FAD). The FAD is in charge of the overall coordination of support services for the different operating divisions relative to financial management and personnel administration. There are six (6) units included under this service, namely:

a) Personnel Unit. Coordinates all activities relative to the general internal personnel management in the organization;

b) Property Unit. Coordinates all activities relative to the procurement, maintenance and conservation of equipment, furniture and consumable office supplies essential to the continued operation of the organization;

c) Accounting Unit. Ensures the availability of funds necessary for the continued operation of the organization, and the delivery of funds to other agencies for employee welfare and social security benefits;

d) Budget Unit. Prepares the budget requirements of the organization and submits projection every year to ensure that funds are made available for its continued operation;

e) Cash Unit. Coordinates all activities relative to the disbursement and receipt of funds;

f) Internal Audit Unit. Ensures that all funds are disbursed in accordance with the existing auditing and accounting rules and regulations.

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