Career Executive Service Board

Awarded Procurement Contracts

Janitorial Services for 2017

Security Services for 2017 Passenger Van

Renovation materials of the comfort room at the Director's Office 1

Renovation Materials of the comfort room at the attic Additional List of Awarded Contracts (Excel Format)

Renovation materials of the comfort room at the FAD

Renovation materials of the comfort room at the Director's Office 2 Renovation materials of the comfort room at the COA Office

Canon 318 Toner Cartridges

Fabrication & Installation of PWD stainless steel railings Renovation materials of the comfort room at the Executive Director's Office

Cloud Computing Services
Notice of Award

Emergency Go Bag PABX Telephone System

Airconditioning Maintenance Services

Gawad CES Audio Visual Presentation
BAC Resolution_Gawad Audio Visual Presentation
Contstruction of Pantry
Construction of Pantry_BAC Resolution
Construction of Pantry_CONTRACT OF SERVICE
Construction of Pantry_Notice of Award
Construction of Pantry_Notice to Proceed

Procurement of Security Services

Paglaum Trainining Session IX_27-28 January 2016
BAC Resolution No. 2016-001
Notice of Award_Paglaum IX
Notice to Proceed_Paglaum IX
CES Conclave & TLC in Davao City
Abstract of Quotations
Contract of Service_Marco Polo
Notice of Award
Notice to Proceed

Procurement of Janitorial Services

Gawad CES Poster & Brochure
Gawad CES Posters&Brochures_BAC Resolution No. 2016-005
Gawad CES Posters&Brochures_Notice of Award
Gawad CES Posters&Brochures_Notice to Proceed
Gawad CES Posters&Brochures_PO No. 2016-019
CES Primer
Notice of Award
Notice to Proceed
Purchase Order No. 2016-041
Purchase Request No. 2016-214

Various Computer Supplies

ELP Notebook
ELP Notebook_BAC Resolution
ELP Notebook_NOA
ELP Notebook_NTP
ELP Notebook_Purchase Order
Saldiwa Session 30
Abstract of Quotations_Saldiwa 30
Saldiwa 30_BAC REsolution
Saldiwa 30_Contract of Service
Saldiwa 30_NOA
Saldiwa 30_NTP

Proposed Powerhouse for the Career Executive Service Board

ELP Training Bag
ELP Seminar Bag_BAC Resolution
ELP Seminar Bag_Notice of Award
ELP Seminar Bag_Notice to Proceed
ELP Seminar Bag_PO No. 2016-012
CES Club_Baguio
CES Club_Baguio Notice of Award
CES Club_Baguio Notice to Proceed
CES Club_Baguio_Abstract of Quotations
Contract_Le Monet-with sig

Janitorial Services

Birthday & All-Occassion Cards
Birthday Cards_Abstract of Price Quotations
Birthday Cards_NOA
Birthday Cards_NTP
Purchase Order nNo. 2016-007
Targeted Selection Interview_ Davao City
TSI Davao_BAC Resolution
TSI Davao_Letter Agreement
TSI Davao_Notice of Award
TSI Davao_Notice to Proceed

Security Services

Public Manager (4 Quarterly Issues)
2016 PM Newsletter_BAC Resolution
2016 PM Newsletter_Notice of Award
2016 PM Newsletter_Notice to Proceed
2016 PM Newsletter_PO_1stQ
Workshop on Women & ICT Frontier Initiative
Abstract of Quotations
Contract of Service
Notice of Award
Notice to Proceed

Procurement of two (2) units CESB MotorVehicle

CES Leadership Conclave_Inaugural Session
CES Conclave Inaugural Session_BAC Resolution
CES Conclave Inaugural Session_Notice of Award
CES Conclave Inaugural Session_Notice to Proceed
CES Conclave Inaugural Session_Proposal Letter_Agreement
Board Meeting_Davao City
Board Meeting Davao_Letter Agreement
Board Meeting Davao_Notice of Award
Board Meeting Davao_Notice to Proceed
Board Meeting_Abstract of Quotations
Purchase Request No. 2016-296

Procurement of two (2) units CESB MotorVehicle

Saldiwa Session 29_Gensan
Saldiwa Session 29 Gensan_BAC Resolution
Saldiwa Session 29_Gensan_Contract
Saldiwa Session 29_Gensan_NOA
Saldiwa Session 29_Gensan_NTP
CES Conclave in Metro Manila
CES Conclave_16 June NOA
CES Conclave_16 June NTP
CES Conclave_16 June_Abstract of Quotations
CES Conclave_16 June_Contract
Purchase Request No. 2016-303

Various Office & Computer Supplies

Gabay Session 24
Gabay 24_BAC Res No. 2016-019
Gabay 24_Notice of Award
Gabay 24_Notice to Proceed
Gabay 24_Proposal from Ace Hotel & Suites
Gabay Session 24 NOA_NTP
Gabay Session 25_Negros
Gabay 25_Bac Resolution
Gabay 25_Contract of Service
Gabay 25_Notice of Award
Gabay 25_Notice to Proceed
ELP Certificate Holder
ELP Certificate Holder_BAC Resolution
ELP Certificate Holder_Notice of Award
ELP Certificate Holder_Notice to Proceed
ELP Certificate Holder_PO No. 2016-013
Innonation Idea Book
Innonation Idea Book_BAC Resolution
Innonation Idea Book_Notice of Award
Innonation Idea Book_Notice to Proceed
PO for additional 200 copies
PO No. 2016-026_Idea Book 800 pcs
Wellness Camp, Bohol
NOA_Wellness Bohol
NTP_Wellness Bohol
Wellness Camp Bohol_Contract
Wellness Camp_BOHOL 2016_BAC Resolution
Wellness Camp, Batanes
Wellness Camp_Batanes_BAC Resolution
Wellness_Batanes_CONTRACT (Amboy's Hometel)
Wellness_Batanes_CONTRACT (Villa Hontomin)
Wellness_Batanes_Notice of Award (Amboy's Hometel)
Wellness_Batanes_Notice of Award (Batanes Seaside)
Wellness_Batanes_Notice of Award (Bernardo's Hotel)
Wellness_Batanes_Notice of Award (Villa Hontomin)
Wellness_Batanes_Notice to Proceed (Amboy's Hometel)
Wellness_Batanes_Notice to Proceed (Batanes Seaside)
Wellness_Batanes_Notice to Proceed (Bernardo's Hotel)
Wellness_Batanes_Notice to Proceed (Villa Hontomin)
Wellness_Batanes_PO (Bernardo's Hotel)
CES Club_18 March 2016
CES Club_18 March_BAC Resolution
CES Club_18 March_LOI_Vic Asuncion
CES Club_March 18_Contract with Bayleaf
CES Club_March 18_NOA
CES Club_March 18_NTP
Lease of Venue for TSI & Validators' Orientation
Conforme Agreement
TSI & Validators Refresher Session_BAC Resolution
TSI & Validators Refressher Session_NOA_NTP accepted