2017 CES Executive Leaderhip and Work-Life Balance Camp makes second and final pit stop in Siquijor

05 May 2017

The second of the back-to-back sessions of the 2017 CES Executive Leadership and Work-Life Balance unfolded on May 2 -5, 2017 at the province of Siquijor. This year’s theme is “All About U: Unplug, Uncover, Unleash.” The four days gave the hardworking executives the opportunity to unplug from their hectic schedules, uncover fresh ideas, and start the unleashing of a renewed and recharged self. This refreshed state lends to more creative ideas and a healthier, holistic giving of self and continued excellence in public service.

Not even the five-hour flight delay and the searing summer heat could bring the executives down. The campers gamely refreshed after arrival and eagerly found their way into the opening session facilitated by Mr. Tomas Alejo Batalla, a Certified Clinical Psychologist by the Psychological Association of the Philippines and Registered Psychologist by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

During the first plenary session on Proactive Wellness and Wellbeing, Coach Tom says “We do not only feed ourselves with physical food. We also feed ourselves with emotional and mental food. We do not wait for other people to feed us so we can eat and we should not wait for others to satisfy us emotionally and mentally as well.”

The second day of camp, opened with a bang with the high-energy Zumba session led by fitness intructress Ms. Eleonor Sanchez followed by two resource speakers who are both medical doctors.

Dr. Romulo de Villa, molecular and nutritional oncologist, advocates healthy eating. In his talk on Nutrition for Executives, he discussed how the regular meal is unhealthy and proceeded to share five principles of healthy eating which includes making healthy choices in the way food is prepared.

Dr. Parkash Mansukhani, is a Davao-based internist and pulmonologist and mindfulness teacher. In his session on Holistic Health, Integrative Medicine and Mindfulness, Dr. Parkash encouraged the executives to stop; take a breath mindfully; observe body sensations, emotions and thoughts; and proceed with awareness and kindness, in simple words, S.T.O.P.

The afternoon session on Hilot Hilom Para sa Sariling Kaganapan was facilitated by Ms. Ensha Ancheta. She said, “this wellness camp is about taking care of the builders of this nation.” She told them to be aware of one’s pangkabuuang kalusugan (holistic health) and that it is about the ikot ng daluyan (circulation), timbang (balance), and pagkakabuo (integration).

The campers enjoyed a free morning on day three which they spent exploring the natural and man-made wonders of the island province of Siquijor. They stopped by at the four-centuries-old Balete tree for free fish spa and souvenirs, visited the St. Isidore de Labrador church, one of the oldest churches in Asia, had a quick dip at the Cambugahay falls and passed by government-managed Salagdoong beach known for cliff diving and swimming.

After the refreshing morning trip were the sessions on Resilient Leadership facilitated by CESB Executive Director Maria Anthonette Velasco-Allones followed by the Mandala workshop facilitated by Mr. Salvador Ching. Executive Director Allones emphasized in her session how CESOs are duty-bound to serve the common good. She said resilience plays an important part in leadership and that the core of resilience is constituted by culture, character and choice. “At the end of the day, leadership is what makes or breaks an organization and a nation and that is why it is key for leaders to be resilient,” she reminded the executives.

“I am thankful for this learning opportunity. It has reminded me to love myself more so I can love and serve others better,” said DTI Provincial Director Mercedes Parreño of her first CES Executive Leadership and Work-Life Balance camp experience.