Career Executive Service Board

Programs, Projects and Activities

1. Written Examination – a test given to determine the aptitude and competence of an applicant.

2. Assessment Center (AC) – a series of simulation exercises designed to determine whether the applicant has the capacity to advance to managerial duties and responsibilities and the ability to grow and develop in the bureaucracy.

3. Validation of Performance-on-the-job – a process where the applicant’s capacity to perform managerial functions and the applicant's character (i.e. potential leadership qualities, integrity on the job, loyalty to the government, lifestyle check, etc.) based on the records of accomplishments, and interview of key informants are validated by a qualified evaluator.

4. Board Interview – an interview conducted by a member of the Board or a panel of Board members which is conducted to determine and assess the applicant’s confidence, creativity, self-worth and outlook on his/her work and the bureaucracy and opportunity to give feedback to the applicant in his/her performance on the previous stages he/she underwent

5. Conferment of CES Eligibility – a process by which qualified candidates are given the eligibility.

6. Executive Placement Program – a process by which the CESB recommends a qualified CESO/eligible to a vacant CES position.

7. Bluebooks/Profiles – an activity of the CESB wherein agencies are furnished with a compilation of plantilla or CES occupancy of a particular Department.

8. Maintenance and Updating of CES Plantilla – a process whereby the CES plantilla of agencies are recorded/updated, compiled and digitized.

9. CES Pride Events – these are activities showcasing accomplishments or awarding of recognition to members of the CES.

10. CES Club – a career development program that seeks to develop and enhance the socio-cultural and artistic quotient of CESOs while promoting civic consciousness among government executives..

11. Executive Leadership Program, Accredited Trainings, Leadership and Governance Series – the foundational training program for the CESOs and third level eligibles.

12. CESPES – an activity of the CESB whereby the performance of members of the CES are evaluated.

13. Recognition/Rewards - "Gawad CES" – an activity whereby members of the CES are assessed/evaluated to find out the most outstanding member/s. This activity further encourages members of the CES to live-up to the highest ideals of a CES.

14. Recognition for retirees - "Pagpupugay" – another activity recognizing the service rendered by retiring members of the CES.

15. Policy Formulation, review and monitoring – the process by which the Board formulates and implements the rules, standards and procedures on the selection, classification, compensation and career development of members of the Career Executive Service.

16. Publication of the "Public Manager" (PM) – an activity whereby activities and important information on the CES are published.

17. Interactive Website & systems enhancement – the process by which the CESB information systems are developed and managed.

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