Unlock the Mysteries and Harness the Power of Your Dreams

01 December 2017

Do you have recurrent dreams that capture your imagination, haunt you with unanswered questions, or leave you refreshed and energized? Unravel the mysteries of dreams as living symbols, images and figures constantly interacting with you and impacting your moods, behaviors and perceptions. Use dreams to unlock multiple dimensions of your psyche – the personal, collective and the world unconscious, and as guides to improve your physical and psychological health.

Find the answers and learn dream-tending skills in a certificate course on: “Engaging Dreams and Myth in One’s Life” to be conducted by the Carl Jung Circle Center on 25-27 January 2018 at the Ateneo de Manila University Rockwell Auditorium – Makati City. Let Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, PhD. and Dr. Maren Tonder Hansen, PhD. of the Pacifica Graduate Institute guide you in your journey of awakening and self-discovery. Limited seats only and registration deadline is on 15 December 2017 ((Friday). For registration and more information, please click here.