Career Executive Service Board

Mandatory Drug Test now a requirement in the Career Executive Service

In line with the administration’s campaign against illegal drugs and in support of the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) and the Civil Service Commission’s (CSC) program to have a Drug-free workplace in the entire Philippine bureaucracy, the CES Governing Board, in CESB Resolution No. 1342 dated April 20, 2017, has issued guidelines on mandatory drug test as a requirement for conferment of Career Executive Service (CES) eligibility and appointment to/adjustment of/promotion in or reactivation of CES Rank.

The mandatory drug test shall be administered to all candidates for conferment of CES eligibility, to ensure that only those qualified shall be screened and recruited to prevent the detrimental effects of drug use and abuse in the workplace.

Said requirement shall likewise cover all incumbents of CES positions as a condition for original/promotional appointment to, adjustment in, and even reactivation of CES ranks to further ensure that members of the CES remain drug-free throughout their career in government service.

The mechanics for the mandatory drug test are in accordance with the procedures set forth by the DDB and CSC.

The Resolution enjoins that the application of candidates for conferment of CES eligibility and officials for appointment to/adjustment in/reactivation of CESO rank shall be denied by the Board, if they refuse or fail to submit themselves to a mandatory drug test.

Those who have tested positive shall undergo rehabilitation and be allowed to re-apply for conferment of CES eligibility or appointment to/adjustment in/reactivation of CES rank. However, those who have tested positive but refuse to undergo appropriate intervention shall be slapped with the revocation of their CES eligibility or CES rank upon recommendation of the Board.

Meanwhile, any CES official or CES eligible found to have used dangerous drugs after conferment of his/her CES eligibility or appointment to/ adjustment in/reactivation of CES rank shall be subjected to disciplinary/administrative actions by the proper disciplining authority pursuant to the Administrative Code of 1987.

The complete text of CESB Resolution No. 1342, s . 2017 may be accessed from the CESB website at for reference and guidance of all concerned.