A day of love for the Inaugural HR Managers Fellowship Session

A day of love for the Inaugural HR Managers Fellowship Session

Tuesday | February 20, 2018 Views: 000

HR managers pose with CESB Executive Director Maria Anthonette C. Velasco Allones, CESO I (seated center) and resource speaker Mr. Jesse Francis Rebustillo (seated third from left).

Twenty-six (26) Human Resource (HR) Managers and Career Executive Service (CES) Coordinators from different national government agencies gathered for the 1st Quarter HR Managers Fellowship Meeting and Learning Session at the Labor Governance and Learning Center of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) on Valentine’s Day.

HR managers and CES Coordinators receive flowers and chocolates from the CESB Secretariat for Valentine’s Day.

On behalf of CESB Executive Director Atty. Maria Anthonette C. Velasco-Allones, CESO I, Atty. Giselle Durana, CESB’s OIC-Director III, warmly welcomed everyone to the event, saying that the day was not only a celebration of love for each other but also love for public service.

“We believe that you have the authority and the capacity to translate that love into meaningful directives and policies that would uplift the quality of service in the government,” she added.

HR managers and CES Coordinators receive flowers and chocolates from the CESB Secretariat for Valentine’s Day.

To help re-ignite the HR officials’ love for public service, Mr. Jesse Francis Rebustillo, former Assistant Vice President for Industrial Relations of the Philippine Daily Inquirer and a recent retiree, led the discussion entitled “Creating a Culture of Discipline and Engagement.” He has been involved in human resource management and development of various organizations in the past.

“In order to stretch the essence of an HR manager in delivering exceptional results, one should efficiently deal with everyday work challenges and take advantage of new opportunities,” he remarked.

Mr. Rebustillo shared that when an organization reaches a culture of discipline and engagement, there is no need for hierarchy and excessive control. To create this culture, one must train disciplined people who are willing to go to extreme lengths to fulfill their responsibilities.

He also stressed the importance of the “4Rs in Talent Management Strategy, namely:

  1. Recruit - selection process;
  2. Retrain - training and development process;
  3. Reward - retention process; and
  4. Retain - performance evaluation or management process.

“You must remember that self management is crucial. You must continually learn how to manage your internal states, impulses, and resources to facilitate reaching your personal, work, and career goals,” he added.

CESB ED Allones updates HR Managers and CES Coordinators on the latest programs, policies, and issuances of the CESB.

In her closing remarks, CESB ED Allones lauded Mr. Rebustillo for sharing his expertise and knowledge in human resource management. She also extended her sincerest gratitude to DOLE Director Violeta N. Muñoz, CESO IV, for hosting the first quarter HRM Fellowship session.

ED Allones encouraged everyone to remind their respective HR Directors to attend the quarterly HRM Fellowship, which is crucial in terms of fulfilling their performance indicator commitment, and is part of their career development and lifelong learning.

Finally, she gave a brief update on the latest CES policies and resolutions adopted by the CES Governing Board. She also invited everyone to join their fellow public leader-managers during the inaugural session of the CES Leadership Conclave highlighting the theme “Resilience: Steering through Adversity, Bouncing Back Bravely” on February 22, 2018 in Edsa Shangri-La, Manila.

“I hope you take away many, if not most of what you have learned from today’s learning session,” ED Allones concluded.

The 2nd quarter HR Managers Fellowship and Learning Session is scheduled on May 16, 2018.