2nd CES Club takes on retirement roadmap

03 July 2017

Transitioning to retirement is just as challenging as other milestones in life, such as changing career paths, planning your marriage, providing for your family, or migrating to an unfamiliar place.

The 2nd CES Club for 2017 accordingly offered to 61 senior career executives in attendance the roadmap to retirement with help from Philippine Daily Inquirer Assistant Vice President for Industrial Relations Jesse Francis N. Rebustillo and Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) Manager Noel C. Alvarez on June 30 at the Manhattan Suites Inn, Dumaguete City.

Dubbed as “Road to Golden Years: A Pre-retirement Planning Workshop,” CESB Executive Director Maria Anthonette Velasco-Allones, CESO I, in her welcome remarks, mentioned that this was a timely, purposive, and useful topic especially for CESOs and CES Eligibles who are already planning to retire this year.

CESB ED Allones further introduced the first speaker as the epitome of an individual with an extensive exposure in the field of human resource management, who can embrace a different field that challenges his flexibility.

For the first session, Mr. Rebustillo jumpstarted his talk entitled, “Becoming a Credible and Engaged Career Executive,” by focusing on how to mentally and psychologically prepare for retirement. He initially reminded the learners that although being financially prepared is relevant to retiring, there are other key factors that should be addressed, such as the emotional, physical, and psychological realities.

A recent retiree himself, Mr. Rebustillo shared the three phases of transition, namely: the new beginning, the neutral zone, and the ending. He also discussed the “Dimensions of Renewal,” including the mind (to learn), the body (to live), the heart (to love), and the spirit (to leave a legacy).

In connection with legacy, he emphasized that “You have to stay brilliant and shine bright even until your last day in the workplace. This way, you will be respected, remembered, and definitely missed in the office.”

“Do not change the way you project yourself even when you’ve already retired,” he added. According to him, everyone has to stay positive and confident after retirement because employment is a grace from God, but so is the family, organization, and community.

For the second learning session, CESB ED Allones dubbed Mr. Noel C. Alvarez as “Mr. Congeniality and a very diligent man” for preparing and providing pre-registered participants copies of their respective tentative computation of GSIS retirement benefits.

In his talk, Mr. Alvarez tackled various reforms in GSIS, such as the granted Pensioners Emergency Loan (PEL), insured pension loan, restored survivorship pension, and the increased funeral benefit, among many others.

The participants were enthused over the topics discussed, posing queries to Mr. Alvarez, which he eagerly answered and clarified. ”Natutuwa po ako at nakapagpresent at bahagi ako ng mga impormasyon na kailangan ninyo... lalo na sa retirement benefits (I’m glad that I have shared valuable information with you, especially about retirement benefits),” he remarked.

He concluded his talk by encouraging the participants to visit any GSIS branch nearest them and request for an update on their personal accounts.

Overall, the learners were highly satisfied with the session, collectively agreeing that the objectives of the CES Club were met. Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) Director Ma. Celerina Afable said, “We hope that there is a phase 2 for Mr. Rebustillo’s learning session. We also really appreciate Mr. Alvarez’s efforts to generate the individual computation of our retirement benefits.”

Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Director Aynie Mandajoyan-Dizon likewise commended the session and furthered that she was “looking forward to attend CESB’s other lectures in the future!”