Pre-Retirement Planning over Coffee and Calligraphy

Pre-Retirement Planning over Coffee and Calligraphy

Wednesday | March 07, 2018 Views: 000

“Work with pleasure than in pressure.”

- Prriyadarshini T.

If you’re starting to feel the pressure in planning ahead for your retirement, worry not as the Career Executive Service Board (CESB) fuses business with pleasure in its inaugural session of the 2018 CES Club entitled “Pre-Retirement Planning over Coffee and Calligraphy,” on 23 March 2018 at the Villa Caceres Hotel in Naga, Camarines Sur.

Join us in a whole-day learning event as our resource speakers guide you on how to comprehensively prepare your roadmap to retirement by focusing on the key factors of your life as a government executive.

For the afternoon session, a skilled calligraphist will help you master the basic art of calligraphy, which is one of the most unfussy and enjoyable techniques to calm the mind during stressful situations.

Attendance in the CES Club entitles the participant to eight (8) hours of training credits. There shall be a minimum registration fee of Php 1,000.00, which covers meals (am/pm snacks and lunch), training kits, and certificates. This may be charged against agency funds and may be paid in cash or in check payable to the Career Executive Service Board on the day of the event.

If interested, please confirm attendance by sending the accomplished registration form to (02) 951-4986 on or before 16 March 2018. Limited number of slots are available, so registration is on a first come, first-served basis.

For further queries, please call Ms. Joana Carla Mance or Ms. Neneth V. Bargo at telephone numbers (02) 366-1941 or (02) 697-4632.

See you there!

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