Family/Home Visit Privilege (FHVP)

The Board recognized that assignment to work stations of incumbents of CES positions away from their homes and families is common since they are bound by the mobility principle per Article IV, Part III of the Integrated Reorganization Plan (IRP) as approved by Presidential Decree No. 1.

The Board decided on a FHVP for them as it aims to soften the impact of displacement of an affected official as a result of his/her being assigned in a work station away from his domicile and family.

It is in line with the government’s thrust of promoting professionalism and humanism in the bureaucracy.

The FHVP was actualized through the issuance of CESB Board Resolution No. 815 in 2009.

There have been instances, though, when disbursement or reimbursement of transportation expenses from agencies of the incumbents to CES positions pursuant to the privilege have been denied by the Commission on Audit, particularly those from Regions VI, VII, and XI, basically for the following reasons:

After meetings regarding the disallowance, the CESB submitted to the Office of the President (OP) through the DBM a draft Administrative Order in support of family/home visit privilege, incorporating pertinent provisions to address these aforementioned concerns.