Executive Director's Corner

Welcome to the virtual home of the Career Executive Service! We find it fitting to launch an improved website in time for the celebration of the 40th founding anniversary of the CES.

We have redesigned our website to make it easier for CESOs and eligibles to access in real time, matters that concern their Eligibility and Rank Appointment and Professional and Career Development.

We have also developed a community site to allow our CESOs to collaborate with their fellow thought leaders the formation of policies and initiatives for a better CES; and to invite the general public to learn more about the CES and express their views on issues affecting the CES community and its members.

And as we continue to present CESB’s plans and projects online, we regard our website as a constant demonstration of the government’s policy to be transparent in all of its operations and decisions.

The refreshed website also marks the renewal of our commitment as a community of public servant-leaders to keep the bar of excellence in our service delivery while maintaining our individual and collective integrity as public officers.

Finally, we take courage to engage the bigger public in this age of social media so that through their feedback and constructive views, we can remain engaged in relevant and responsive ways. We trust that you will find our new website much more informative and user-friendly.

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you in our journey of “renewing our past as we lead the future” on our 40th year!