Innovating Leadership

NSO Regional Director Salvador Aves and his award-winning innovations are a source of CESO pride.

Dr. Salvador Aves, CESO V, has the rare honor of being conferred with both the GAWAD CES and the Lingkod Bayan awards. Although honored by the recognition, he remains tireless in his efforts to improve public service delivery at the National Statistics Office (NSO) with his innovative ideas and effective leadership.

Aves has received numerous accolades for his groundbreaking Barangay Civil Registration System (BCRS) that targetted the lumads or Mindanao's indigenous people (IP). Aves recognized how difficult it is for the IP community to travel to the town center just to register the vital events in their lives. Civil registration in these communities are hampered by the locals' lack of awareness on Civil Registry Law, language barriers due to the presence of tribal groups, a volatile peace and order situation and varying cultural beliefs and practices. Through the BCRS, Aves enlisted the voluntary services of barangay secretaries, hilots, midwives, and teachers who belong to the same tribe and speak the language of the tribe to report newly-born babies for registration. This simple but revolutionary approach to civil registration has garnered acclaim both here and abroad and hailed as one of the most viable models for improving registration of birth.

Not resting on his laurels, Aves remains resolute in his pursuit of public service excellence through innovation and reinvention. He has also become a published author with his first book entitled Primer on Civil Registration named as among the bestsellers for Rex Publishing in 2004. His recent book entitled Engaging Change in Scaling the Heights of Public Service, which talks about his experience in managing transitions and delivering efficient performance in public service, would surely make a good reference for CESOs who wish to reach the same heights as Dr. Aves has in improving service delivery and introducing reforms within their own fronts.

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