Executives head to the Heart of Bicol for the 2018 Inaugural CES Club

by: JC Mance

Wednesday | March 28, 2018 Views: 000

The learners of the Inaugural CES Club pose for a picture with CESB ED Atty. Maria Anthonette C. Velasco-Allones, CESO I, (2nd row, 8th from the right), and resource speaker Ms. Jinkee C. Garcia (2nd row, 7th from the right) while showing off their hand-lettering artworks.

Thirty-six (36) government leaders hailing from different regions learned better ways to prepare for retirement, discovered more about the Results-Based Performance Management System (RBPMS), and engaged in the art of hand-lettering during the inaugural session of the CES Club for 2018 entitled “Pre-Retirement Planning over Coffee and Calligraphy,” held at the Villa Caceres Hotel in Naga, Camarines Sur, on March 23, 2018.

“Dios mabalos sa indo gabos!” CESB Executive Director Atty. Maria Anthonette C. Velasco-Allones, CESO I, warmly welcomed and thanked the participants for attending the event, especially those who came all the way from Baguio City, Quezon Province, and Soccsksargen Region.

According to her, it is truly a recharging experience for Executives to meet from time to time in training programs like the CES Club. “There is a need to purposively exert an effort to help you, our Executives, prepare for retirement emotionally, psychologically, and financially,” she added.

Two groups of learners race to correctly answer questions on basic money management that are taped on colorful balls. Each ball represents a certain amount of money.

The day started with an icebreaker activity where the participants were asked to answer questions on financial management in order to collect balls that represent a corresponding amount of money. Afterwards, there was a free-throw exercise that symbolized how saving and investing money can be a hard task to accomplish, especially when an individual has unplanned expenses.

The activity was followed by the discussion entitled “A Perspective towards Proactively Preparing for a Financially Secured and Meaningful Retirement” by Ms. Susan D.B. Jasarino, who is a pioneer of the Pag-IBIG Fund where she spent more than fifteen (15) years as the Head of the Training Unit.

She shared that upon hearing the word “retirement,” the participants should not feel stressed out, rather, they should feel at ease and contented. “Freeing yourselves from the habit of unguided and undisciplined spending is one of the few ways to effectively pave your way to financial security,” she remarked.

On the other hand, former CES Governing Board Member and previous Development Academy of the Philippines President Mr. Antonio D. Kalaw, Jr., CESO I, gave the learners a glimpse of the topics that their newly established organization called Cen Sei has in store for Executives. Entitled “Towards Ensuring a Performance-Based Bonus through an Effective RBPMS,” he briefly shared and explained the Performance-Based Incentive Scheme (PBIS), which includes the Productivity Enhancement Incentive (PEI) and the Performance-Based Bonus.

In his closing remarks, he encouraged everyone to get in touch with Cen Sei, in order to engage in their upcoming workshops and discussions on the topics presented. The participants were eager to jot down the organization’s contact details to schedule a seminar for their respective agencies.

Government executives attentively listen to Ms. Susan B. Jasarino and Mr. Antonio Kalaw, Jr., CESO I, during the morning lecture of the Inaugural CES Club. (Photos by Ms. Jinkee Garcia)

The afternoon session gave way to a different kind of de-stressing activity enjoyed by hand-lettering hobbyists and enthusiasts. A young calligrapher hailing from Pampanga, Ms. Jinkee C. Garcia started her talk by explaining how her passion in hand-lettering came to be.

She shared that even without formal training, learners can create beautiful and personalized artworks through calligraphy and hand lettering as long as they do it from the heart. Jinkee admits that she still has more to learn in the art of calligraphy, which is why she continuously holds calligraphy workshops, in order to meet people from different walks of life who might also share their own techniques in hand lettering. Before ending her talk, Jinkee encouraged the participants to continue practicing their skills during their leisure time at home or whenever they feel like releasing tension or stress in the workplace.

The learners engage in a hands-on activity with Ms. Jinkee Garcia as she demonstrates the combination of basic strokes in hand-lettering. (Photos by Ms. Aira Garcia)

Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) Region III Provincial Agrarian Reform Officer II Ms. Darlene Anicia B. Galicia, CESO VI, says “the topic on pre-retirement planning is very relevant especially to the younger employees. I appreciate Ms. Susan’s advocacy to help curb poverty.”

Meanwhile, Department of Education (DepEd) Region V OIC-Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Ms. Cecile C. Ferro, CES Eligible, says that the highlight of the morning session was the discussion on how an individual should prepare for financial freedom and independence as early as possible.

She also says that the calligraphy workshop was a ”fun and refreshing learning experience.” Discipline is the revolving element among all the topics discussed and according to her, “we become excellent government leaders when we are disciplined enough to maintain a healthy work-life balance.”